Jeffery Tulley is the captain of the treasure hunting vessel, Hail Mary. Before Macallan found him, Tulley was actively searching for a Spanish galleon called the Elando Cortez that reportedly contained over $300 million of silver bullion.

Tulley began his relationship with the sea as a teenager when he enrolled at Scipps Institution of Oceanography for a degree in Marine Science. But he dropped out of school after two years to care for his father, who was critically injured in a warehouse accident.

After obtaining his captain's license at twenty-five, he sailed several yachts for wealthy clients, traveling throughout the Caribbean and tropical waters. For the last nine years, Tulley served as first mate onboard Historical Explorations, a state of the art treasure hunting operation based out of Anchorage, Alaska. After a falling out with the ship's captain, Tulley decided to use what meager funds he had to start his own operation with his best friend, Oberlin St. Clair.

Tulley also owes the Japanese Yakuza more than a quarter million dollars.