The fifth episode of the first season of the Leviathan Chronicles.

Preceded by An Unknown Ally and followed by Return to the Surface.


Oberlin and Tulley jerry-rig a shaky connection of their diving equipment in attempting a recovery mission on the Cedar Elm, which lies deep in the Gulf of Alaska.  Oberlin warns them that their oxygen is limited and backup power is nonfunctional.  With hugs and thanks, Macallan and Tulley begin their descent to 10,000 feet under the ocean.

Back in New York, Seinshun meets with Anton and Othello, who represent the Special Forces Unit of Leviathan.  Tension is high as Macallan has eluded them by deciding to drive to Alaska instead of fly.  Additionally, she has engaged the Hail Mary, not the treasure hunting operation Seinshun had ordered.  As such, her whereabouts are unknown to Seinshun and his team of immortals.  Seinshun hints that Macallan may have been bred for a specific purpose in mind.  But what?

In the meantime, Tulley and Macallan pass the time during their lengthy descent to reveal more about each other.  Macallan explains the bizarre circumstances that drove her to find his boat and what she knows about the Leviathan GroupTulley recalls how he met Oberlin and his secret dream of building the most advanced treasure hunting boat the world has ever seen.  Their conversation is interrupted by their arrival at the Cedar Elm. The shipwreck is enormous.  They search the boat exhaustedly for Macallan's mysterious Key.  Not knowing exactly what she is looking for, Macallan is attracted by a strange glow emanating from one of the front cargo holds.  They send the ROV to investigate and are amazed by what they see.  A strange sarcophagus is pulsing in green light.  But to make things more bizarre, the face of the sarcophagus is almost identical to Macallan's.  She thinks this must be the KeyMacallan and Tulley use the ROV to grab the sarcophagus and pull away from the Cedar Elm.  But before they can get too far, time runs out!